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Are you curious how Software Testing can help companies to trust on reliable, consistent and durable software? Register and discover how Dirk en Dean manage Software Quality trough Software Testing

Grote Markt 19 – Brussel

Donderdag 1 december 2022



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Welcome by Jurgen Meheus (CEO)

A little word from the CEO of M2Q, Jürgen Meheus

Shift Left by Dirk Sundermann

Quality of delivering software application, processes and services was, and is a challenge for each team, organisation, and company. This remains an issue because the business demand is more complex, the technical complexity is increasing, and there is a lack of enough skilled and knowledgeable resources.

Shift-left of quality is one approach that focuses on introducing quality and validation in earlier stages of the development of the software applications, processes, and services. However, it often stops at development i.e., letting developers do some testing.

Getting the benefits of shift-left requires a more elaborate approach and an engraining in the organisation.


  • Shift Left of Quality
  • Business & Technical Complexity
  • Embedding in the Application Lifecycle Management
  • Measuring Outcome
  • Evaluation of Quality Maturity


Sven Nys

ICT faces many challenges today, continuously improving user experience whilst being innovative, remote work and working more cost effectively while the demand for ICT-services and products is growing. Staff capacity is declining and new methodologies and technological developments succeed each other quickly.

A paradigm shift is needed towards a true value-based and user-centric ICT-development.

Our new range of services enables oragnizations to make that shift and come out on top.


  • Intelligence Based Improvement
  • Software Delivery Lifecycle
  • Industrialization
  • Quality Assurance

Sven Nys

Passionate and experienced consultant with a proven trackrecord of successfully leading technological transformations. Adept in overseeing all technology-related aspects of a company’s strategy, whilst fostering process optimization where- and whenever needed. Bringing forth strong coaching and leadership skills, including the creativity necessary to effectively oversee lean development and deploy processes.


Dirk Sundermann

Servant Leader, Agile believer, and Change adept with proven accomplishments in helping and assisting organisations, teams, and team members in their agility and change journey. No dogmatic approaches and focus on getting the desired results. Getting teams to work better and improve the job satisfaction is the reason why I do this, and which provides me fulfilment.

Our Speakers

Meet our speakers Dean Bodart – Azenium, and Dirk Sundermann – M2Q